Engineering Services

CodeSkin can tailor its tools for customer-specific needs, such as:

  • Custom hardware support
  • Proprietary communication protocols
  • Increased code security (to protect against reverse engineering and cloning)
  • Configuration management for tracking software revisions in deployed hardware

Please send us an email if you like to learn more about how we can efficiently and effectively assist you with your developments.

Sample Projects

Here are some of the projects that we accomplished in the past.

Serial Bootloaders

  • Footprint that is small enough to fit into the OTP
  • Communication over RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and TCP/IP
  • Servicing of external watchdog during entire reflashing process

CAN Bootloaders

  • Based on ISO 14229 (Unified Diagnostics Services)
  • Communication according to the ISO 157650-2 CAN Network Layer
  • Reflashing can be initiated via CAN command
  • Backdoor mechanism to recover from corrupt application code

Bootloaders with encrypted communication

  • Firmware is encrypted during compile process
  • Only encrypted hex files are distributed
  • Decryption occurs in target before flash is programmed
  • Flash CSM remains locked at all times

Multi-Core Loaders

  • Supports reflashing of multiple cores in one session
  • Verifies integrity of software executing on all cores