Custom Bootloaders

Introduction to CodeSkin bootloaders

CodeSkin provides custom bootloaders for TI C2000™ MCUs. They are licensed as source code, and allow for the implementation of customer specific features, such as servicing an external watchdog, and proprietary security/encryption algorithms. The CodeSkin bootloaders support multiple communication protocols, such as RS-232/422, half-duplex RS-485, TCP/IP and CAN bus.

The CodeSkin bootloader is completely independent of the application code. It is in itself a standalone program and resides in a designated/reserved set of Flash sectors. After an MCU reset, the MCU branches to the TI bootloader, which in turn activates the CodeSkin bootloader. If the CodeSkin bootloader detects valid application code it activates it, and ceases operation. If no valid application is found, the bootloader stands by to receive a firmware image from the C2Prog programming client. Execution of the bootloader and application code is mutually exclusive. In other words, they never execute/exist concurrently.