C2Console is a Development and Test Tool, which presents the user with an interface for the viewing, editing, logging and graphing of variables/calibrations, in real-time, while the target software is executing.

The tool automatically extracts the symbol information from the files generated by the cross-compiler and does not require any definition-files or databases to be created (and maintained).

C2Console communicates with the target over a serial communication link, typically RS-232, RS-422 or CAN. On the target, only a small server called “Remote Agent” must be called periodically in the background task. Since the remote agent runs on spare processor cycles, it does not interfere with the interrupt driven part of the software. This makes the tool ideal for interfacing with control software, where the control tasks must be executed uninterruptedly and with minimal latency. The fact that C2Console does not depend on JTAG for communicating with the target makes the tool operate reliably in environments with strong EMI and/or high-voltage isolation requirements.

C2Console currently supports all MCUs of the C2000 family and the following protocols:

  • RA-Link: Proprietary protocol over RS-232 and RS-484
  • Unified Diagnostics Services: ISO 14229 over CAN

C2Console DLL

A powerful feature of C2Console that its core functionality is being exported via a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) for use by other applications, such as end-of-line (EOL) test-stands or field support tools. With the C2Console-DLL, diagnostics capabilities can easily be added to custom applications generated by virtually any toolchain, including NI LabView.