C2Prog is an industrial grade flash programming tool for TI C2000™  MCUs. Rather than solely relying on JTAG as the communication interface between the programming tool and the MCU, C2Prog also supports RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, USB and CAN (Controller Area Network). The programmer is, therefore, well suited for deployment in the field where the JTAG port is typically not accessible.

Some salient features of the programmer are:

  • Fast communication protocol that works reliably with USB-to-RS232 converters
  • Support for point-to-point as well as multidrop networks
  • Support for CAN and TCP/IP links
  • Firmware encryption for secure reflashing in the field
  • Smart detection of which Flash sectors should be erased (or manual section selection if desired)
  • Automatic 32-bit CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) generation and programming (allowing the firmware to verify the flash integrity at MCU bootup)
  • Compatible with standard Intel Hex file allowing for other data (such as FPGA code) to be programmed into MCU flash
  • Extended hex files that can be encrypted and contain all the settings for programming, including secondary bootloader
  • Remote link files for programming extended hex files stored on a server
  • Command-line and DLL interface, callable by other programs, for example for batch programming
  • Flashing of dual-core Concerto and Delfino devices

C2Prog DLL

A powerful feature of C2Prog is that its core functionality is being exported via a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) for use by other applications, such as end-of-line (EOL) test-stands or field support tools. With the C2Prog-DLL, flash programing capability can easily be added to custom applications generated by virtually any toolchain, including NI LabView.

Concerto C28-Loader and Development Framework

The purpose of this Concerto application is primarily to simplify the development of Concerto C28 code, allowing rapid download of C28 applications without the need for a multistage emulator procedure.

The application executes on the M3 core of F28M52X Concerto devices and is capable of communicating with C2Prog over UART0, using pins PIO E4 and E5. On the Concerto F28M52 ControlCARD this interface is conveniently available as a virtual communication port (VCP).

The source-code (CCSv5 project) is available at no charge and can be accessed using an SVN client (e.g. Subclipse). See C2Prog user manual for more details on how to download and utilize the framework.